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For more than forty years, Projects and Supplies has been the leading light in the Middle East’s illuminations industry.

We believe that light is central to how we, as human beings, experience the world we live in.  It defines our cities, our homes and our landscapes and it shapes our societies and cultures, playing an integral role in our lives, wherever we are and whatever we do.

Projects and Supplies see light differently.  Light is about more than keeping the dark away: it is about power, creativity, hope and beauty, and it is a building material like no other.  We take pride in everything we do and every space we brighten, from the smallest of family living rooms to the tallest office blocks and the longest city streets.  No detail is too small, no request too large.

Building strong partnerships and working closely with each and every one of our clients, we guide every lighting solution from initial spark of brilliance to spectacular finished project.  With approach out of passion, innovative thinking, technical expertise and a wealth of shared knowledge, we have mastered light and strive to make your vision a success.

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