About Us

Projects and Supplies was created in 1975, and from that initial spark we have grown to become the go-to lighting experts in the Middle East. With an unparalleled reputation for delivering world-class projects and the exemplary care we show to each of our clients, we have come to be recognised as the pioneers of lighting in the region, at the cutting edge of light architecture.

With our hand-picked team of skilled lighting experts, we have been at the forefront of the lighting industry for more than thirty years and are the people behind some of the most iconic and most visually stunning lighting projects across the region.  From homes to hotels, offices to malls and hospitals to city boulevards, we have brightened countless important spaces and crafted lighting solutions which shine and stand the test of time.

Whatever your project, no matter how large or how small, we will exceed your expectations as we guide your vision from the early planning stages to its spectacular finish.  Your vision is our vision, and we can light the way.

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Employing the most highly qualified and skilled professionals in the lighting industry, Projects and Supplies has the expertise to design creative, practical lighting solutions which are entirely tailored to our client’s individual requirements.

After more than forty years of lighting the way we can confidently say we are the leaders in this field, with a long and distinguished track record for delivering innovative and dynamic lighting projects across the Middle East.  With the technical know-how and some of the best creative minds in the industry, we are uniquely placed to guide your lighting project from the spark of an idea to a beautiful reality, providing support, advice and practical guidance every step of the way.

Listening and working closely with our clients, architects, consultants and contractors, we are able to pool our shared knowledge and ideas to develop the very best, most forward-thinking lighting solutions for each individual project and each individual space.  Our dedicated team play a key role at every stage of the process, from initial estimates and blueprints to adding the final touches, building close working relationships with our clients to see they get the very best service and experience possible.

No detail is too small, no request beyond our reach.  We know that you are placing your dreams in our hands, which is why when you work with us, we strive and exceed expectations to ensure your project becomes a success.